The Best Cameras to Take Family Photos

Our camera equipment is one of our essential family photographer tools. The right camera will make it easier to capture the perfect family photo.

Photographers can use the latest color science, dynamic ranges, and sensor technologies with the right camera. These pieces fit together to capture those heartfelt moments with family.

What factors should you consider before purchasing a camera for family photography?

Let’s review a few factors you should consider before purchasing a camera.

Focal Length

Choosing the correct focal length when taking pictures is essential, particularly if you want to capture those unique expressions or little smiles. A fast aperture, for example, is ideal for capturing fast-moving photos and creating a beautiful bokeh to isolate the subject.

Advanced Autofocus Detection

I am a photographer and know how crucial advanced auto-focus is. It is one of the most important attributes that a camera could have. Autofocus systems should be able to track the face, eye, and body. Why? It isn’t easy to get children to stop playing and running around. To capture spontaneous moments, you’ll need an autofocus capable of handling that. It can be a mistake not to invest in autofocus. This can cause you to miss important moments or even produce blurry photos.

Price Tag

Consider the price and strike a balance with performance, features, and affordability when selecting a camera to use for family photography. When deciding, the budget and the total cost of ownership (including lenses and accessories) should be considered. Remember that higher-end cameras can have a steeper learn-to-use curve. However, more user-friendly, affordable options may be better suited to your needs. Your skills as a professional photographer and the ability to communicate with your subject are equally important.

The Best Family Portrait Cameras

We have put together a list of the top contenders for family photos. We also considered budget-friendly options and portrait lenses recommended for each camera.

Sony A7RV

As a London family photographer, the Sony A7RV is the best choice to capture the most detail and quality in family portraits. This camera boasts a 61MP sensor with the highest possible resolution without entering medium format territory.


  • Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor: Full-Frame 61MP Exmor R CMOS
  • Lens Mount: Sony FE
  • Autofocus: Hybrid fast AF with Eye AF
  • Viewfinder: 0.5 inch, 9.44k dot OLED
  • Screen: 3.1 inches, 2,095k dot tilting TFT LCD
  • User level: Expert


  • A high-resolution photosensor with an astonishing number of photosites
  • Extensive lens range
  • AI-powered AF
  • High Dynamic Range
  • The 61MP delivers an unmatched level of detail for family portraits


  • Expensive cameras
  • Multi-shot requires desktop stitching software
  • Most photos do not need 61MP.

The Eye AF feature is a powerful one on the A7RV. It is considered a game changer. This piece of technology is a significant advancement. This technology recognizes human eyes and animals – you can even take concrete portraits of your family pet. AI-powered autofocus also enhances subject recognition by recognizing body shapes and limbs. It’s important to note that the IBIS system of this camera is less effective than other major brands.

The A7R 5 also has a high-resolution optical viewfinder, which is excellent for shooting in daylight because you can see clearly what your subject is doing. The camera is expensive, but its exceptional capabilities make it worth the cost. It is possible to find the Sony A7 IV, which is more affordable. However, it can take time to locate.

Sony A7IV

The Sony A7 IV is a versatile and lightweight camera. The Sony A7 IV comes with a 33MP sensor that provides a good balance between image quality and detail. The camera can capture incredible detail but at a different level than the A7RV.


  • Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor: Exmor R Full-Frame 33MP CMOS
  • Lens Mount: Sony FE
  • Autofocus: Hybrid Fast AF with Real-time Tracking and Eye AF
  • Viewfinder: 0.5 inches, 3.68k dot OLED
  • Screen: 3.0-inch 1,440k-dot TFT LCD with tilting touchscreen
  • User level: Enthusiast/ExpertParagraph


  • Powerful full-frame High-resolution sensor
  • Impressive autofocus performance
  • Enjoy 4K video quality


  • Limitation of touchscreen functionality
  • The resolution is slightly lower than A7R V

While the 33MP resolution was sufficient for most prints, I sometimes needed a higher resolution to achieve exceptional detail. In the case of large-format photographs, the 33MP sensor may not be able to provide the highest level of detail. In these cases, I have considered using a camera with a higher resolution, such as the Sony A7RV, which has a 61MP image sensor and offers superior detail when creating large prints.

The A7 IV’s Fast Hybrid Autofocus system, which features Eye AF and real-time tracking, allowed me to focus on capturing special moments without worrying about missing the perfect shot. The camera’s 4K video capability has also brought my family’s story to life with vivid detail. It’s a far cry from other cameras I have used before.

The A7 IV’s screen, equipped with a 3.68k-dot, 0.5-inch OLED viewfinder, and a 3.0-inch 1,440k dot, tilting touchscreen, makes for a very comfortable shooting experience. The A7 IV is a very clever camera because of its vibrant color range and large screen.

Due to its superior autofocus system, the Sony A7 IV is a standout among other cameras in its class, including the Nikon Z6 II and Canon EOS R6. Other brands need to improve in this area, making capturing those fleeting moments challenging. Its competitive price and this particular feature are why I’d choose it over other rivals.

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